Our focus is mainly on all round  learning which will make children physically fit, mentally alert, intellectually capable, emotionally balanced, socially responsible and morally forthright. To inspire creativity among people with all kind of disability and encourage them  to discover their innate talents and aptitudes through a pleasurable and adventurous learning process  and help them  visualize their  future ambitions and strive to help them actualize their goals by continually excelling themselves.

Children focused program on education

Primarily we are running four centers presently:

  • Baniniketan Education Center, Sankrail, Howrah.

    Seva Sangh Samiti Baniniketan Education Centre situated in a rural area of Sankrail in Howrah district, provides free education to the local children living in a pitiable condition. The school  is for the children of village residents and the surroundings areas, who cannot arrange for two square meals everyday for their wards and cannot even think of their education. The teachers and staff are taking good care here. The students receive books, uniform, food and medical support. Teachers go door to door to convince the parents about the benefit of the education and benefit of being literate.

    Here children are admitted from kinder garden level, and study up to class IV. Apart from academic education teachers also teach them Physical Education, Drawing, Crafts, Games, and Basic Computer Education. Mid day meal is provided during the lunch time. The teachers and staff work as a team and with their experience and guidance they try their best to give the students a solid foundation.

  • Coaching Classes at Watkins Lane, Howrah.

    Situated at 12, Watkins Lane, Howrah-1 is a well  felicitated coaching center for teaching the under privilege of the nearby slum children who cannot afford to pay private tuition feesIt conducts coaching classes Bengali subject only. The students come to study  from different schools class I to class IX. These students are very happy to receive extra guidance in their academic subjects here.

    The classes run 5 days in a week,

    Monday to Friday – 3 p.m. to 5p.m.

  • Anand Bhavan - Home for girls.

    In Howrah we find big slums where families live in extreme poverty conditions. Inside these families, the situation is still more difficult for women and girls and many of them still do not have access to education.

    In this context we started this project on April 2006, Anand Bhavan, (House of Joy) home for girls, to provide education to girls coming from these poor families. As things are slowly changing, we are now able to find families accepting the opportunity of education that Anand Bhavan gives.

    Our aim is to provide education, medical attention, nutrition and shelter to these girls so that they can develop the best of themselves, to stand on their feet in the future and help their families. We have Hindi Medium School and Bengali Medium School for them to choose at.

    Apart from school, at home they have classes to improve their studies : English, computer and coaching classes both in Hindi and Bengali. We also have a teacher for those students with special needs and difficulties.

    We also work with the girls´parents, for them to be involved and committed with their daughters´education, helping them to understand the value of education for the future of their daughter. The girls keep relationship with their families as they come to visit  them to Anand Bhavan every alternate Sundays and the girls go home during holidays if the family condition allows it.

    Nutrition, medical care, hygiene… all issues related with the girls´ health are also our responsibility, as our aim is the help them grow healthy. We also have one counselor who visit twice a week. She conduct individual sessions and group workshop and try to help the girls sorting all kinds of problems they may have or find.

  • Free Primary School, Jharkhali, Sunderbans.

    A free primary school at cyclone shelter, Jharkhali , Sunderban district is running very successfully. The school runs upto class five.  The project is meant for providing basic education to children in the age group of 6-12. These children are either school dropouts or have never been to school for variuos reasons.  Besides literacy the school also provide extra curricular activities and co-curricular activities.

    It runs 5 days in a week 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.


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