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Two state government run hospitals about a couple of kilometer away from the cannot serve the over burdened city population. There is also a dearth of Qualified Medical practitioners in the area and most people have to go to poorly trained practitioners with no license at all. Pitiable living Conditions in these localities is one of the major cause of disease outburst. Major population in these municipalities live under national poverty standards, which means they are not able to meet their primary necessities of life. 86 percent lives in extreme poverty. The houses in these slums are in extremely bad condition without any proper ventilation. Sanitary facilities and a sewer system are almost nowhere to be found. During the rainy season these areas are prone to water logging for several days resulting in outbreak of infectious diseases like cholera, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Pox, Diarrhea etc. Children are barred from primary education and proper health facilities.

Banipur dispensary


Seva Sangh Samiti

12, Watins Lane, Howrah - 711101

West Bengal, INDIA

Telephone : +91-33- 26769671 / 26664565

Email : regie.sevasanghsamiti@gmail.com

Our  project activities are bifurcated as:

  • Pilkhana Medical Center, Pilkhana

    The Pilkhana Medical Center is a 37 years old organization serving the necessity of basic medical care of the people of Pilkhana area Howrah which covers ward No 13-16 of Howrah Municipal Corporation under District Howrah, West Bengal, India. It also serves the adjoining ward no 10-12 of Howrah Municipal Corporation.

    Pilkhana Medical Center runs the following units/departments :

         Chest Clinic and Tuberculosis Control Program

         General Medicine and Surgical

         Gynecology Department

         Pediatric Department

         Pharmacy Unit

         Physiotherapy Unit

         Proposed opening of Dental Clinic


  • Health Awareness Programs running in Watkins Lane, Pilkhana area.

    Objective of this program is to raise health awareness levels amongst parents of malnourished children and expectant mothers attending clinic to prevent malnutrition & disease among their children. Monthly sessions are held on different health topics with focus on Hygiene, Prevention, early diagnosis & care and danger signs of deadly diseases.
    Sessions are conducted by specialized doctors, assisted by our staff. It takes around 1 hour lecture and 1 hour interaction. We use videos, pictures and models to support the explanation. In the second round we perform questionnaire session for the mothers.

  • Children Unit running in Pilkhana

    Ricket Home

    It is located in Pilkhana and other adjoining areas. The main objective of this program is  to accelerate growth and cure malnutrition among slum children. Children from pilkhana and adjoining slum areas  suffering from Ricket and Marasmus are admitted for treatment in the Ricket Home. Investigated by the qualified pediatric doctor. The Ricket Children are kept during the day and sent back to their home every evening along with necessary medicines and food for the night.

    Five experienced women worker including two qualified nurses take care to the children daily. Meetings are arranged with their mothers for immuniztion, vaccination, polio, hygiene.


    Outsiders Program every week.

    Every month Pilkhana Medical centre provides  Milk and Cerelac to 60 children. Each one of them gets 8 packets of milk and cerelac.  Baby’s are weighed, medically examined by pediatrician, other illness discarded, Only malnourished babies are given food supplements. They are Investigated by the pediatric Doctor for Grade II and Grade III Malnutrition.

    Children are mostly from pilkhana and adjoining areas around a radius of 10 Km.

    They are provided free medicines three days in a week  prescribed by the pediatric doctors. Meetings are arranged with their mothers for immunization, vaccination, polio, hygiene.


    Creche Home

    Aim of the programme is to give basic care & Preschool education to children of working mothers, who have no body to look after their home while they go for work. These children are from Pilkhana, Tikiapara and Salkia in a radius of two kilometers slum area. The beneficiaries are mostly Babies from Ricket Home & some outsiders in the age group of 2 years to 4 years.

    Children here receive basic care, 3 meals, medical attention, Preschool education. They are kept in crèche during working hours from morning to evening on working five days in a week.

  • Other Medical services located in Pilkhana.


    Gives relief to many children and adults who suffer from asthma (a very common diseasein the locality) but can’t afford to buy a machine.



    An agreement with a local reputed institution makes investigation cheaper than the market rate and affordable to our patients only.


    Pathology, Biochemistry, Radiology

    Patients are send to reputed Medical Laboratories for blood, X-ray Urine, Stool examination,  etc.


  • Banipur Dispensary running at Banipur, Sankrail, Howrah

    An Outdoor Charitable Dispensary at Banipur Howrah has been has been established since February 2009. We have received enormous response from the local people here in Banipur, Sankrail and surrounding areas such as Ramchandrapur, Hatgacha, Basudevpur, Andul, Sarenga and Masila etc.

    We have one experienced MBBS doctor along with one nurse and a Compounder in this dispensary.Free Checkup and free medicines are provided by the dispensary. Mainly general diseases are treated here like Cough & cold, Dysentery, Respiratory, ENT, Allergic, Diarrhoea, Gastrointerities, Skin, Hypertension, Diabetis etc. Patients of all ages come here.

Pilkhana Medical Center

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