Seva Sangh Samiti is the one of the oldest NGO in howrah who has been continuously serving the underprivileged people of the slums and rural areas. Our mission is to empower needy children and women to break the vicious Cycle of Poverty where poverty spawns problems of malnourishment and mortality while lack of education ensures children follow in their parents’ footsteps scraping a daily existence as manual labor or ragpickers.

We believe the best way is by equipping the needy with health, education and employable skills so they attain socio-economic independence and become responsible citizens of society.

Key features include :

Community-based health care is for people of all ages who need health care assistance.

The living conditions in the neighborhood of Pilkhana slums are extremely hard due to unsafe precarious infrastructure, walking the streets and overflowing in monsoon season, buildings with minimal shacks without ventilation and without water .

Community care services include home support, nursing, physiotherapy and other rehabilitation services' We also take care of  malnutrition in children of Howrah's slums. This model follows the cycle of prevention, early identification and treatment by improving feeding practices of young children and establishing Day Care Centres where severely malnourished children are treated.

We run basic health care units in Pilkhana and Banipur for the vulnerable population in these areas where health facilities are not easily accessible. Provision of good quality services based on best practices are our motto.


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Seva Sangh Samiti constantly strives to support and empower individuals, particularly underprivileged children enabling them to meet basic ambitions of their life and realize their potential, make informed choices, resist oppression, fight for rightful existence and facilitate new possibilities and opportunities for them. To impart all round learning which will make them physically fit, mentally alert, intellectually capable, emotionally balanced, socially responsible and morally forthright. To inspire creativity among them  and encourage them  to discover their innate talents and aptitudes through a pleasurable and adventurous learning  process and help them  visualize their future ambitions.

Seva Sangh Samiti manages to run educational centers and coaching classes at various centers in Howrah viz.

Baniniketan Education Center, Sankrail, Howrah.

Coaching Classes at Watkins Lane, Howrah.
Anand Bhavan - Home for girls.

Free Primary School, Jharkhali, Sunderbans.(24 Parganas)


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We work for the betterment of the poor and destitute by helping them achieve socio-economic independence, self-sustainability.

We believe mankind must have a right to livelihood......

Vocational Training is the most powerful tool for women's empowerment by according them the ability to chart their own destinies. By making the destitute financially independent, it breaks the cycle of poverty, breeds confidence, self-respect and turns marginalized girls into responsible citizens of society. These programs provide marketable skills to the beneficiaries that can help them get competitive jobs or setup their own livelihood.

Primarily, we run three training centers at Jharkhali, Salkia and Banipur where women and young girls are Trained  for Carpentry, Tailoring , Batik works and other handcrafts by experienced trainers and instructors.



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Seva Sangh Samiti

12, Watins Lane, Howrah - 711101

West Bengal, INDIA

Telephone : +91-33- 26769671 / 26664565

Email : regie.sevasanghsamiti@gmail.com

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