Seva Sangh Samiti carries out projects in  the slum  areas of Howrah and also rural areas. Our main activities of work being at Pilkhana, a densely populated urban slum in Howrah. All such areas houses people living beyond poverty line who live in dearth and misery. Almost  4/5  of the population in these municipalities lives under national poverty standards, which means they are not able to meet their primary necessities of life viz. Nutrition, Health & Sanitation and Primary Education.

We work for the upliftment of the poor and underprivileged  by helping them achieve socio-economic independence, self-sustainability and health. We do everything from providing educational and health services to the needy, making low-literate girl-child  employable and empowering women. We help those in need with full respect, love and commitment, with the aim to not deliver charity but to empower them to better their own lot and thus able to provide a comprehensive path from poverty to prosperity and fully empower them to tread it successfully.

Community Based Health Care Programmes - To improve people's health by preventive and curative medical care. This was one of the first activities of the Samiti at its beginning and is now carried out by its medical department. Community care services include home support, nursing, physiotherapy and other rehabilitation services. We run basic health care units in Pilkhana and Banipur for the vulnerable population in these areas where health facilities are not easily accessible. Provision of good quality services based on best practices are our motto.

Our health support centers are located at :


Pilkhana Medical Center, Pilkhana

Banipur Dispensary,Sankrail

Children Focused Program on Education - To provide free primary education to the underprivileged children enabling them to meet basic ambitions of their life and realize their potential, make informed choices, resist oppression, fight for rightful existence and facilitate new possibilities and opportunities for them. These individuals are given educational support, who are at risk of discontinuing their studies due to impoverished circumstances and have exhibited outstanding academic record.

Our educational services are located at :

Baniniketan Education center in Sankrail, Howrah .

Anand Bhawan(for girls only) in Salkia , Howrah.

Coaching class in Watkins Lane, Howrah.

Free Primary School in Jharkhali, Sunderbans.

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Vocational Training for girl child and women - Our aim is to impart vocational training to girls and women so that they can live a self-reliant life of dignity and respect. With this in mind, we have set up several vocational training programmes across all our projects. These programs provide marketable skills to the beneficiaries that can help them get sustainable lively-hood. Vocational Training is the most powerful tool for women's empowerment by according them the ability to chart their own destinies. Presently, we have three centers operating at :



Banipur-Sankrail  and





Seva Sangh Samiti

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